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Zigò is a cycle path that winds through the countryside of the municipality of Zibido San Giacomo, in the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, an agricultural area in the south of Milan. It is a circular route of about 20 km. The departure and arrival point is at the MUSA (Salterio Museum - Taste and Landscape Warehouse) in the hamlet of Moirago where it is possible to rent bicycles.

The route runs for about 2 km along the Naviglio Pavese, the canal that connects Milan and Pavia, up to the hamlet of Badile where it turns to the west among fields, rice fields and farms. It then continues towards the center of Zibido, before heading towards the Carcana Lakes where you can find some picnic tables.

Along the way, there are various farmhouses where it is possible to taste or buy local products and join guided tours.

Zigò is a completely flat route, except for the two flyovers on the Milan-Genoa motorway. The route takes place on cycle and pedestrian tracks, dirt roads or secondary roads with little vehicle passage. The fund is asphalted or unpaved and is suitable for every type of bicycle. This route is therefore suitable for everyone and a complete tour takes about three hours. The route map and the booklet with information on the activities along the route can be downloaded online (download the route map, download the activity booklet). They are also available in several shops, farms, in the town hall or in the civic library.

To foster a greater knowledge of the territory, 8 QR codes have been placed along the route (also present on the map). By framing them with your smartphone, you will be able to access in-depth information on various issues relating to the history and landscape of Zibido.

The MUSA, starting point of the itinerary, is located a few kilometres from Milan. It can be reached by car along the SP35 to Rozzano. Crossing the canal, you will notice a large parking lot on the left and the museum building on the right. By bike, you can reach it from the MM2 station of Assago Milanofiori Forum which is only 4.5 km away.

Zigò is also well integrated with other cycle paths in the area. MUSA is located on the path of the Naviglio Pavese cycle route while the “Camminando sull'acqua” route connects ZIbido with Gaggiano where it is possible to cycle along the Naviglio Grande towards Milan (13 km) or Abbiategrasso (10 km).


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