Bike trip with the family in the countryside south of Milan

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Are you looking for a destination for a trip outside the city with your family? Would you like to go by bike but without too much effort and without leaving Milan?

Come and discover Zigò.

Zigò is a new cycle route designed for those who want to take a relaxing bike ride with the whole family and learn about the beauty of the rural landscape just outside Milan. The route takes place in the countryside of the municipality of Zibido San Giacomo among the rice fields, corn fields and farmhouses of the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, an agricultural area in the south of Milan.

The itinerary starts at the Cascina Salterio alongside the Naviglio Pavese (the canal which connects Milan and Pavia). Here you can rent bikes and visit the Salterio Museum - Taste and Landscape Warehouse. Children and adults alike can get to know the work of the "mondine" (the women who worked in the rice fields), the history of canals, agricultural activities and much more thanks to the videos of the multimedia room and the interactive games. Wearing special visors, you will also be "catapulted" into an ancient church or a century-old farm to learn about past traditions and customs.

After the visit, hop on the saddle and venture into Zibido’s countryside! The path of Zigò is safe, well-marked and suitable for every type of bicycle.

During this bike ride with your children, you will meet eight columns with as many QR codes. Frame them to learn curiosities about the rural landscape that surrounds you: how does rice grow? What animals populate rice paddies? What was life like on the farms?

Walking along Zigò is a way to immerse yourself in nature just a few kilometres from Milan. Riding on this course, it will be easy to meet herons that rise in flight or to spot some hares hopping across the road.

However, the campaign is not just about nature; it is also about high quality agricultural products. So, why don't you stop at one of the farms along your way? There you can buy genuine products locally produced such as rice, milk, cheese, yogurt, meat and vegetables. Some of these farms, on request, also organise guided tours and workshops for children.

The complete route is a ring and is about 20 km long. Since it is a flat route, even the youngest can manage it without difficulty. Along the way, there are also two picnic areas and several restaurants.

Reaching Zigò is very simple. You can get to the MUSA by car, by exiting the west ring road at Rozzano and driving a couple of kilometres along the Giovi provincial road. If you prefer, you can also arrive by bike from the MM2 underground station of Assago Milanofiori Forum pedalling for 4.5 km along the path of the Naviglio Pavese.

Booklet with all the activities present on Zigò

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Route map in pdf format

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